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January 5, 2016



Happy New Year!!


So a few months back I made the decision to take a break for some things and focus on me. When I say me, I mean ME, my marriage, and my home. At the end of August I found myself tired, overwhelmed, empty, and just down right not feeling too much of anything. 


I was just going through the motions. It was as if I looked back on all of the exciting things I had experienced and I had not really 'experienced' them. I was merely operating on autopilot. Yep, even I have moments when life gets so busy that you find yourself at a point t where what you once enjoyed, you don't at that particular time.


So at any rate, I've been purging in my home. Getting rid of clothes, shoes, purses, and TONS OF PAPER. I feel like my life was composed of papers everywhere. My office had bec...

December 28, 2015



Can you believe it?


Christmas 2015 came and gone and 2016 is right around the corner. I pray your Christmas was filled with lots of love.  We had a pretty low key day with family.


Ok so , we are just four days from closing out 2015 and I know many of you have decided to wait until 2016 to kick off your new goals, dreams, aspirations and resolutions (do people still make resolutions?).  Well as I was thinking over the weekend about what I wanted to be different for me in 2016, I realized that while waiting until the new year makes sense, it doesn’t have to apply to me.


Let me fill you in…


Maybe you want to wait until the new year to get your life together. Maybe it’s going to church more often. Maybe it’s exercising more or drinking more water. Maybe it’s spending more...