​“Coach Detra, Just a note of thanks for helping me get started in the right direction. I did not know how valuable a “life coach” was until I began working with you. Before working with you I was almost always hesitant to one, as well to promote myself and the business, but if I don’t who will. You also taught me about pricing or how to price what I do that was not only fair for me but clients as well. As you said to me on several of our calls, “you have to know your own value”. 


During our time together I received valuable information about how to “network” and glean from others in the same or similar industry. As a result of working with Trueheartspeaks, I have had four television appearances, received two invitations to be guest speaker at two retreats and I am in the process of finalizing two other events. Coach Detra, I can’t thank you enough for the valuable information that I have gleaned and continue to glean from our conversations. My advice for anyone who is on the fence about hiring a “life coach” would be to go for it. Sometimes we fall into a rut which can paralyze ourselves and our business and a life coach does just what the title says, “coach” us or steer us in the right direction and get us to think outside of the box. Blessings always, Rev. Annette M. Hood”


Reverend Annette Hood

The 67th Book Ministries


I LOVE to see my clients gain clarity in their prersonal and professional lives and REALLY start living for themselves.  

What I also love is the that testimonisals are spoken with truth from the heart.

Like many entrepreneurs I had fallen into a rut, making money but not growing my business to the level that I knew I could achieve.  “Go Hard or Go Home” helped to open my mind, focus my energy and break my box wide open.  It’s been 6 months since I finished the program and with the tools I received and the ability to look back over my daily assignments and writing I am well on my way.  As a result of participating in the program, I have introduced new products and services which has increased my bottom line all because I allowed myself to step out and take calculated risks.  The program also gave me clarity and made me refocus with purpose.  I am energized and most importantly excited and FOCUSED.  I highly recommend the “Go Hard or Go Home” and Detra’s monthly coaching calls.  They are both amazing!


Nia McAdoo


Before participating in Detra’s Go Hard or Go Home program, I was having a hard time managing all that I was doing. I’m a full time IT professional, full time Mom, working on my business and developing another. All that in addition to life’s every day obstacles. During the program one of the things that stood out the most was listing all of our excuses and why. It became apparent that I was the only person preventing me from managing and doing all that I needed to do. I had to stop making excuses, “escaping” what needed to be faced, and JUST DO IT. What I’ve seen happen in my business and my life is action being taken, not fearing what may happen but just taking action to get things off my check list. My advice for those thinking of joining this program is to simply be open and ready for change. If you are thinking you don’t know how or where to start to change something, this is the place. Detra’s posts, tips and techniques will help you get on the right track in thinking of what you need to do. You must do the work though in order to see results!


Stephanie Valentine

Founder: Be Candy Coated, empowerment program

Owner: Candy Coated Bags, online handbag boutique

*Empowerment in a handbag; motivating you to learn, love and live without apology!

Just want to express how much Detra Trueheart has helped me. She has been a great inspiration and very encouraging when developing my "living In and On purpose". I found her monthly coaching sessions to be very informative with her examples in shaping your future. I particularly love the December 2013 coaching call because it was what I needed at the time in trying to figure out how to take control and seize the moment. That call not only gave me the tools I needed in the natural sense but also ministered to me on a spiritual level. I would encourage anyone who feels that life has been moving stagnant, or you just want to figure out what that next level is for you to join in on Detra's monthly coaching sessions and let her help you figure out if YOU are Living In and On Purpose.


Elise Robinson

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