Get Started

Strategy Session

with Detra M. Trueheart

60 Minutes: $197


(Formerly the Pick My Brain Strategy Session)


Hey love...

Let me help you get unstuck and get started. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Gain the clarity needed to take your next step with confidence and less stress or overwhelm.

If you are a woman who struggles with...


  • Getting started

  • Connecting & spending time with God

  • Making time for yourself

  • Overwhelm

  • Feeling stuck

  • Overcommitting 

  • Starting but not finishing

  • Consistent Action

... and if you desire

  • More confidence

  • Clarity

  • Less stress

  • More focus

  • More time to do what matters

  • Less overwhelm

  • Better connection with God

Then the Get Started Strategy Session is for YOU!

The Get Started Strategy Session is a 60 minutes, 1:1 virtual session that takes place via Zoom., an online video/audio conference service.  At the conclusion of your strategy session, you will walk away with concise and practical strategies and/tools to help you take the next best step in getting started.

In addition to your strategy session, you also receive a:

  • Pre-Session Assessment to help me gain insight on how I can assist you as part of the registration process.

  • MP3 or MP4 Recording of your strategy session.


If you could do it alone, it would already be done.

Let me partner with you and help you GET STARTED.


60 Minutes: $197

Women hire me when they are sick and tired of being stuck, overwhelmed, and inconsistent and they realize that what they have or have not been doing is no longer working. 

What others are saying about working with me...

You were amazing Detra! I honestly had tears in my eyes more than once because you did hit home. You made me look more at ME if that makes sense. You made me believe that I matter and that it is ok to STOP, and for once in my life put myself first.


Lisa. L.

Detra M. Trueheart your words are anointed to inspire, evoke change, and start a movement into our destiny. Because of what you spoke about Vision, I will be conscious about how I talk about myself. I have heard something similar to this before so this was just confirmation. When you speak, you truly speak into the soul. A conversation with you is a gift.

Rhonda T.

I simply want to explode!! I feel my time with the LORD has empowered me. I am more confident, and more assured of God’s plan for my life. And it’s not to stay stuck in a bad relationship that brings nothing positive to my life. I am now dreaming again, and believing God for the impossible. Can you tell I’m excited?? I just want to thank you for being YOU, and for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. Last week I had to write in my Passion Planner about who I was especially grateful for this past month. It wasn’t hard for me to determine who that person was. It was YOU!! You have pushed me, provoked me, and propelled me into my destiny. And yes, at the age of 56, I still have a lot of life to live!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU so much!! You are a blessing and an inspiration to so many. 
Diana T.

I'm also making more room for fun and new experiences. I have (my first ever) massage scheduled this weekend as a gift to myself for doing well in my first class. I'm planning to travel more within the next 6 months as well. I realize that I haven't been happy, truly happy in quite some time so I need to focus on filling my cup so I can be a blessing to others. And I'm making absolutely no apologies for it. Putting myself first for once feels AMAZING.

I'm so happy I went with my heart and booked that session with you; the residual impact it still has on my life is a complete blessing. Thank you!

Stephanie P.


60 Minutes: $197

Get out of your own way

and let's GET STARTED!

Life Purpose Generator, Detra Trueheart is the Founder and CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises. She is a Transformational Speaker, Life Strategist, Ministry Leader, and Author. 

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