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The #iSpeakLife Inner Circle is a monthly membership community for overwhelmed and overthinking women and influencers who are ready to get out of their own way, get clear and get started with their personal and spiritual goals.  Plus, as a member of the #iSpeakLife Inner Circle, you get access to several "not available anywhere else" perks!

Join Detra for MONTHLY ACCESS to:

Monthly Live Training

Monthly Accountability & Goal Setting

Quarterly Expert Trainings

A Private Community

... and more!


Enrollment for this quarter is NOW CLOSED!

Why YOU should join the #iSpeakLife Inner Circle

  • Get access to an online mentorship platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women and influencers to turn their fears into faith-driven dreams and goals. 

  • Join a movement that was designed to be the catalyst and push you need to help you get out of your own way so you can do it afraid, break the mold, challenge the status quo and SHOW UP.

  • You are tired of feeling stuck and need clarity on what your next steps look like so walk in the fullness of who God called you to be.

  • You desire to be apart of a powerful, purpose-seeking  and purpose-driven group of women and influencers led by Detra M. Trueheart that provides monthly connection, conversation, training, and transformation to help catapult you toward your goals and into a new level of where God wants you to be.

  • You want to work with Detra but aren't sure if you are quite ready, so this would be a start.

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