Meet Detra

Detra M. Trueheart


Life Purpose Generator

Speaker | Strategist | Consultant

A little bit about me...


I am Detra M. Trueheart, the CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises, Founder/Creator of the #iSpeakLife Movement, and Founder of the Young Miss Buffalo Pageant: Scholarship & Enrichment Program, inc, .

I am a wife, a mom, a Jesus lover and so much more.  I adore good food, warm pjs, spending time with my favority people and I am obsessed with helping women, students and leaders get out of their own way and get to the business of living.

You might be asking who am I to teach you this stuff? Well, to be honest, I've teaching people for more than two decades how to life their best life.  As a speaker, teacher, trainer, ministry communicator, and mentor to women and girls, I have been creating programs and teaching on life skills, lifestyle management, success strategies and personal development since as early as 2000.

I have taken my personal, professional and academic knowledge to create an online lifestyle and empowerment company that shows individuals, who've mastered doing work well, how to do life well.


Read more about Detra’s results in her Speaking Endorsements and Coaching Testimonials.

Fun & Interesting Facts about Detra...


  • I love rottweilers.  My last three dogs have been rotties. 

  • I love warm and fuzzy pajamas.

  • I'm a daddy's girl (and secretly a mommy's girl too!).

  • My mom still buys me underwear & pajamas for Chirstmas (HA)!

  • I'm loud and funny and sometimes talk wayyy too much.

  • I'm passionate about everything I do.

  • I love helping people become their best.

  • If I wasn't allergic to dogs, I'd probably sleep with mine. She's like a big teddy bear. (yes I know I'm allergic but I still have one, go figure!)

  • I auditioned for and was offered a part in an off-broadway show called "Black & Blue" while in college.  I choose to stay in college.

  • At the age of 16, I knew that I would have my own business just never knew what I'd be doing.

  • I give the best hugs.

  • I used to want six kids. (glad I woke up from dream).

  • I am a lover of Christ and live to be in HIS will, not mine or yours... (a hard pill to swallow some times.)

  • If I could, I'd wear, chucks (converse), uggs, cute jeans and a hoodie every day in teh winter time. 

  • I love HOT weather. I think I was made for the beach.

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