90 Day Coaching Intensive

Get Propelled into A Life of Purpose with Detra


For Busy and Overwhelmed Women of Faith who are ready to spend 90 days learning how to get out of their own way by learning mindset, messaging, mood, and method mastery so you can Live Purposefully.


Is this you?


You don't want to be pushed, nor do you desire to be provoked.  You my dear woman of purpose, you want to be propelled into a life of purpose.  You are ready to shift and move in the direction of not only having work that you love but a life that you love.  You are ready to do what ever is necessary to start living what you have been dreaming about over the past days, months or years. 


  • Feeling stuck, stagnant and stalled?

  • Feeling out of place?

  • In transition and not sure who to take the next step?

  • Is your mind filled with tons of ideas and you need help sorting through them?

  • Need a mini think tank session to help you get clear on your next move? 

  • Have you hit a stumbling block and need immediate strategies and results to get back on track?

  • Do you have a highly specific and time sensitive dilemma that may not need 3 to 6 months to sort through?


The Propel Me: 90 Day Coaching Intensive includes:


  • Assessment and Needs Call.

  • Three (3) 45-minute coaching sessions per month for three months held via Skype or phone.

  • Access to me via email during my office hours (M – F).

  • Accountability email check-ins to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Two 10-minute laser coaching calls each month in between sessions.



Worksheets, templates and checklists to reference and support you in our work that day and beyond


BONUS: #2:

MP3 Recording of Strategy Sessions



Two (2) 30 minute post program strategy calls within 45 days after the completion of your 90 day coaching intensive



This is NOT for the woman who:

  • Needs approval or permission to do what is best for her.

  • Does not have the finances to invest in herself.

  • Is not ready to play a bigger game in her life and purpose.




3 Month Plan: $1,500 (paid in full)


6 Month Plan: $2500 (paid in full)


Payment Plans available






Apply for a Complimentary Life Purpose Discovery Session?

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