1/2 Day Virtual VIP Coaching Intensive

 Spend a Half-Day with Detra


Let's get you out of your own way and into the business of living. Let's spend some concentrated time together to help you get unstuck and get started on creating a life you love. You will spend a 1/2 day with me focused 100% on you and your life.  The Provoke Me: 1/2 Day Virtual VIP Day is designed to provoke, stimulate and deliberately cause you to do what is necessary to live a life of purpose and create a life you love!


Your 1/2 Virtual VIP Intensive includes:


  • 4.0 hour strategy session (with breaks for assignments and meals)

  • One (1) 30-minute post VIP strategy session calls within 30 days after your VIP day


BONUS #1: Worksheets, templates and checklists to reference and support you in our work that day and beyond


BONUS #2: VIP Preparation and Determining Your Program Objectives Call


BONUS #3: MP3 Recording of Your VIP Day


BONUS #4: 30 days of unlimited email access to Detra within 30 days after your Half Day Virtual VIP Intensive 



The Process....


When you book your PROVOKE ME: Virtual VIP Half Day Intensive, here’s the process:


1. In this Half Day Vitural VIP  Session, we’ll cover some of the same content I cover with my Life Purpose Generation 90 Day Coaching Intensive clients. However, we won’t go as in-depth, since it’s simply not possible with an online connection and shorter timeframe, but we will work through a TON of material, diving as deep as we can, to make sure you leave ready to shift your life to the next level.


2. Three and a Half Hour Virtual VIP Session. You and I will connect via Skype or Google Hangout (phone is also an option, but it’s best for us to see each other face-to-face). We’ll go through EVERYTHING pertaining to your business and how you can take it to the next level.


3. Follow Up Call. It’s likely you’ll be ON FIRE at the end of our virtual session. I want to make sure you stay that way and get the results you deserve. So you and I will hop back on the phone (or same video chat medium we used in step 2). I’ll hold accountable for what we discussed.


Together we’ll develop a life purpose strategy for helping you confidently add purpose to your life!


YES! I’m ready to add purpose to my life and start living in and on purpose!



$1297.00 (Paid in Full)

(Payment plan available) 


Other VIP Day Options Available:


$1997 (Paid in full)

Virtual Full Day


$2500 (Paid in Full)

LIVE Full Day in Buffalo, NY with Detra

(includes breakfast/lunch & hotel accommodations)




Apply for your PROVOKE ME: Half Day Virtual VIP Day today! 

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