30-DAY Coaching Program

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Get a quick start on getting out of your own way with a PUSH ME: 30 DAY Coaching Intensive.  Get the push you need to help you regain clarity, create a plan, and remove the current chaos and confusion you are feeling. It can also help you refocus, refine and re-evaluate a current situation to gain more clarity so that you can make your next move with confidence and conviction. Let's get you laser-focused and intentional about what you think, feel, say and do.


If you are are looking for a slight or (major) push in your life, then this is the option for you. This is for women who prefer to get in where you fit in and without a long-term commitment. 


Some of the things we could cover:

  • How to move in spite of that self-sabotoging fear that keeps creeping up.

  • How to take the first next step to take help remove some of the overwhelm.

  • How to get clarity on what to do first and what not to do at all. 

  • Your Mindset: Master your thoughts and discover how to reframe your thinking to manifest what you desire.

  • Your Mood: Managing your feelings and emotions so that you don't let them control and dictate your decisions.

  • Your Messaging: What you say to and about yourself, can greatly impact your life.  Learn how to speak life over yourself, your life and those connected to you.

  • Your Method: What you think, feel and say have no purpose if your actions are not in alignment. Learn how to walk your talk.

  • Identify Your WHY: What is your WHY?  Why do you do what you do?

  • Using faith to move in spite of fear to take the first step

  • Life Purpose Plan to help you get moving into action


Yes, you come to me with what you need a push in and in 90 minutes via the phone or via skype/google hangout, whichever you choose, we will work on it! You will walk away with actionable strategies to implement immediately.


In addition to your 90-Minute session you also receive a:

  • Pre-Session Assessment to help me gain insight on how I can assist you.

  • One (1) 30-minute post strategy session follow-up call within 30 days of your PUSH Me Strategy Session.

  • Four Weekly Accountability Check-ins via email

  • Two 15-minute check in calls within the 30-day period

  • MP3 Recording of your strategy session   


**There are limited PUSH ME sessions each month. To manage my time and to keep my schedule open for my other coaching programs, I only do five (5) of these per month, so don't miss out on the opportunity to strategize together.


**Refund Policy: This program comes with a “no refund policy” and is only for women who are willing and READY for transformation and a real PUSH. Also refer to terms and conditions.


The investment for the PUSH ME 30 Day Coaching Program is: $597.00

(two-pay available)


Get the PUSH you need TODAY!

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