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You were amazing Detra 💜 I honestly had tears in my eyes more than once because you did hit home. You made me look more at ME if that makes sense. You made me believe that I matter and that it is ok to STOP, and for once in my life put myself first. I can still help others AND take care of me. If I could count how many times I have told people how tired I was and they just think I need a nap or to sleep more. It is so far beyond that kind of tired, but you made me feel that I was understood and not alone in this. You are a beautiful soul, thank you for sharing your time and encouraging words with us. 💜


-- Lisa L.


Detra, Detra... You spoke to me!  This is my third event from WITSGG and I am ready to dive in. Even if it is with just a small group of women, I am ready to do my calling.  I enjoyed you. Thank you for the pressing and crushing.  Mrs. Trueheart, YOU spoke to my HEART!


-- Latosha Payton


You were Excellent


-- Tamara Lewis.


I heard Detra was great.  UNDERSTATEMENT... Detra was


-- Andrenette Moore.


I love it!  I learned more about myself and what I want to do and what direction I want to go in.  As you spoke, I literally started going through my phone and deleting anything that is in my way to move forward to get where I want to be. I'm 18. I know what I want and I'm ready! 


--Kristen A.


As part of working in corporate America I attend a great deal of motivational and or self-help forums, I can't always say that they serve the intended purpose. The other day I had the opportunity to attend a Vision Board Mixer in which Detra Trueheart started on fire and finished on fire. Her energy was through the roof and her words were both empowering and abiding. Trueheart Speaks with Power and Purpose from beginning to end and she has the gift to embed a take-a-way in your head and your spirit.


-- Keyonna Willis



"Detra Trueheart is a genuine agent of change focusing on inspiring personal growth and development. I had the privilege of hearing her as the key note speaker for the "Stop the Violence Coalition" awards program. I was impressed by her depth of wisdom and her ability to motivate others to change the world around them for the better. I'm equally impressed with her diligent work helping young girls become young ladies. I would strongly recommend Detra as a speaker on any corporate training program and as a personal coach for those wishing to improve their life and the lives around them."


--Lavon S.



I am the creator of a Back-to-School event “Who Runs the World? Girls!” that has impacted girls ages 13-18 in Atlanta, GA and Buffalo, NY with informative seminars, impactful exercises, inspiring speakers and free school supplies! While planning the event for Buffalo, I was given a glowing recommendation for Detra Trueheart from a dear friend who is a high school counselor and holds a doctorate degree in counseling. This friend informed me that Detra’s commitment to community and the youth would be not only beneficial to our attendees but potentially life changing. I was not only impressed with Detra’s preparedness, high-energy presentation, ability to deliver important concepts on the youth’s level, I was elated that I believe the attendees left the event with real life lessons of which they could apply to their lives. I would recommend Detra as a youth speaker for any organization that is looking to inspire greatness, impart proven techniques for character building, foster self-esteem and present keys to success to its youth population.


--Shay Moore, On-Air Radio Personality (Q93 New Orleans)



Detra is a gifted women of God who passionately challenges her audience to dream bigger so they can experience life on a different level than they are accustomed to. One of her memorable activities was her "Imagine if" exercise....then she said think something larger. Her energy was contagious and filled the room. Thanks for bringing it Detra!


--LaTashia Martin



​“You are a jewel and a treasure to this community and a blessing to all of us who have the pleasure of knowing you. Thank you for inspiring me to do more for the youth in my community."


-- Cynthia B.



"Detra, is an outstanding presenter. My organization hired her as part of a 8 week series on how self-image reflects in your personal and professional lives. Her presentation was creative, informative and age-appropriate for our younger audience. Detra showed true professionalism by being prompt and effective and her practical yet important message to the audience was well received. We are definitely interested in incorporating her in our Annual Series, as we received numerous requests from our members to have her present again."


--Adia C. Jordan



It is my absolute and sincere pleasure to endorse Mrs. Detra Trueheart’s as a gifted speaker and presenter. Detra was the keynote speaker for our 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony at Harriet Ross Tubman School. Not only was she warmly and enthusiastically received by the students and their families; her message of motivation and positive action was infectious and genuinely resonated with her audience. As a building principal and member of the community, I understand the importance of our young people having viable role models who can speak affirmation and resolve into their lives. I have been proud to associate myself with a leader like Detra Trueheart as she continues on her path of improving our community through empowerment and action.


--William Boatwright, Principal



"CHANGE: Don't just talk about it, go out there and do it. Don't just meditate about it, go out there and create it. Don't just pray about it go out there and take action; participate in the answering of your own prayer. If you want change, get out there and live it.— Steve Maraboli" -- This is the message I got out of the Vision Board mixer. You are a talented, well spoken invigorating woman! I believe in living my vision and making it a reality and this was wonderful reinforcement, with the combined energy of WITSGG!


-- Sarah J. Carr-Mansouri



Detra M. Trueheart your words are anointed to inspire, evoke change, and start a movement into our destiny. Because of what you spoke about Vision, I will be conscious about how I talk about myself. I have heard something similar to this before so this was just confirmation. When you speak, you truly speak into the soul. A conversation with you is a gift.


-- Rhonda Turner



"#IAmWorthy #IAmWorthIt #LiveLifeOnPurpose #TrueHeartSpeaks Made it plain simple & purposefully lavish. Detra Trueheart Gave A Dynamic Session Tonight!"


-- Kareema Morris



I attended the Vision Board Mixer sponsored by WITSGG with Detra Trueheart speaking about the purpose of vision.  Her energy and thought provoking words pushed you into the vision that you may have had hiding deep inside.  Detra has a tenacity for making you realize what is already existing inside of you.  Great Job!


-- Stephanie Valentine

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