Are YOU ready to... 

Face Your Fears
Break Free from Stuck
Fix Your Focus

& Own Your Healing

... then it's time to PUSH!

New Cohort begins in May 16, 2022!


Why I Created This Master Class Series?

Over the years, I have encountered a few types of individuals.


Individuals who... 

  • know their purpose but don’t want to do the work to develop it and step into it.

  • want to know their purpose but won't do the work for purpose to find them. 

  • don’t want to do what it takes to produce the results they desire, or

  • are clueless of the work that is needed to produce the results they desire.

Do you find yourself here?


So many women let fear, stinkin' thinkin', self-sabotage and other things keep them from taking the necessary steps to take action. Walking in purpose isn’t an overnight job but it is an inside job. There is inside work that is required before the outside manifestation can occur.


For the next 8 weeks, I want to partner with you, if you are ready, to take your next best step and get out of your own way.

I want to spend 8 weeks with you teaching you how to get clear on the work that you need to do to walk confidently and operate intentionally in your purpose.


We say, "I want to know what my purpose is."


We say, "I want to do my life’s purpose."


But what we don’t say is...

  • "I’m afraid."

  • "I’m in my own way."

  • "I spend too much time watching everyone else while not focusing on my own space and assignment."  

  • "I wish I could move despite my fear and these thoughts telling me I can’t."

  • "I'm ready to do the work and make the necessary investment to do what I haven't been able to do on my own."

Can you relate?

You’ve been thinking about getting started, getting moving, or going to the next level and you have even talked about it somewhat, BUT haven’t done A THING.  In the PUSH into Purpose  8-week Group Accelerator, we get real about what’s keep you from taking action and give you the tools and the resources to get moving so you can push into purpose.


Yes, it will take work!


So, let's get to it!

PN2P Love Notes

New Flowers


This has been a growing month for me, forcing me out of my comfort zone. I am learning that my faith is bigger than my fear. Having a growth mindset vs fixed mindset. I didn’t realize was in a stuck place. I’m learning to stay in my own lane.



This is pushed me to deal with some things that I think was holding me back. I’m feeling more confident that God has qualified me for what He has told me and shown me. I have purposely began to speak affirmations over myself as I do for others.



Meeting other women with similar issues let me know I wasn’t alone. The questions reminded me of my dreams and helped me dig deeper into my issues. Having God meet me along the way demonstrated that once I moved God could work.

​Join me LIVE for this 8-week Group Accelerator where you will learn & discover how to:


Module 1:

PRESS past your fears so you can master your beliefs & behaviors.


By the end of module 1, you will be able to 

  • identify your fears,

  • discover where those fears come from and

  • strategize how to move in spite of them.

Module 2:

Get UNSTUCK, so you can UNLOCK your unique gifts, & talents.


By the end of module 2, you will be able to:

  • get clear on what is keeping you stuck,

  • get unstuck and

  • get clarity about your gifts and talents and how to cultivate them.


Module 3:

STAY in your own lane, so you can SHARE your gifts and talents with others.

By the end of module 3, you will be able to:

  • focus on your race,

  • identify what distracts you and

  • get back on track to confidently share your gifts and talents.

Module 4: 

HEAL so you can HELP others push and pursue their purpose.


By the end of module 4, you will be able to

  • identify the areas in your life that need healing,

  • develop strategies to experience healing, and

  • position yourself to help others push, so you can show up fully for them.

Are you ready to press in & PUSH?

PUSH into Purpose Includes:

  • 4 LIVE Training Modules via Zoom.

  • 4 Live Q& A Group Coaching Calls with Detra M. Trueheart.


  • Weekly Homework Assignments to Help You Implement the Training Immediately.


  • Unlimited Access to Detra and Your PurposeMates for 8 Weeks in Our Private Facebook Group Where You Can Ask Questions, Post Your Homework, Get Feedback and Celebrate Your Wins!


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Training Modules So You Can Keep Learning From the Material as You continue to Push into Purpose and begin to Walk in the Fullness of Who YOU were Created to Be!

Plus you will receive these EXTRA Bonuses:

  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Pay in full and get a 30-Minute Coaching Call with Detra M. Trueheart.

  • BONUS #1: A Discounted Ticket to #iSpeakLifeLIVE 2022 (Live/Virtual) Event


  • BONUS #2: Access to the Stop Settling & PUSH 3-Day Masterclass!

WHY you should join Detra for P.U.S.H into Purpose?

  • You're a high-achieving, motivated, inspired and maybe a somewhat unsure woman of faith who knows that with a little clarity, a BIG PUSH, some new perspectives and powerful tools you can achieve different results in your personal and professional life!

  • You're a purpose-pursuing woman who has been feeling a 'nudge' but not sure of what to do with it.

  • You’ve been thinking about getting started, getting moving, or going to the next level and you have even talked about it somewhat, BUT haven’t done A THING.

  • You’ve had the “if only” speech in your head, more times than you'd like to admit, but you still haven’t done anything. 


  • You have cheered others on while they pursue their purpose and passions, while you sat back in the shadows silently thinking to yourself, "when will my turn come?"


  • It's about time you've invested in yourself instead of watching on the sidelines while everyone else passes you by?


  • You are ready to get over your ego, get over yourself, get over your excuses, and get over that inner critic telling you it’s not possible and that you don’t have what it takes.

  • Lastly, because it's time for you to PUSH and be PUSHED!

So What Are YOU Waiting For?
Let's Do This! 

Work Desk

Option #1

One Time Payment

Access to 4 live teaching modules, 4 live group coaching sessions, private online community, bonuses and 1:1 30-minute call with Detra

ONE Payment of


Working Cafe

Option #2

Three Monthly Payments

Access to 4 live teaching modules, 4 live group coaching sessions, private online community, and bonuses

THREE Payments of


Adult Students

Option #3

Six Monthly Payments

Access to 4 live teaching modules, 4 live group coaching sessions, private online community, and bonuses

SIX Payments of


Enrollment Closes on Sunday, May 8, 2022

More Love Notes...

Here's what PN2P Alums had to say!

"Before taking this class, I was all over the place and confused about how to move in my purpose... But after taking the class, I have so much more clarity and way more confidence in my abilities." 

- Natalie 

This has been a great session. I fully believe that you have to push past the hurt and the pain because you will be no good to anyone.


- Linda

This is so incredibly helpful not just for today, but I can look back and see where God was moving and positioning me...when I wasn't paying attention. He is so amazing.


- Sharon

I loved the four weeks. Love the fact that the classes were accessible. Im just putting myself in a position to receive what I need. Anddd you have Delivered!


- Jillian

It has made me really assess who I am. What I'm supposed to be doing. I'm loving the journey.


- Kenya

Are you ready to PUSH?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I sign up?

A: Once you complete your payment, you will automatically be sent a welcome email with your access details for the course!

Q: When does Push into Purpose begin?

A: The program begins Monday, 9th at 7:00pm ET!

Q: How long are the weekly training sessions and group coaching calls?

A: Both the training sessions and the group coaching calls lasts no more than two (2) hours. The group coaching calls are dependent on those who come with questions related to that week's teaching.

Q: What if I can't make the live trainings or group coaching calls?  

A: It's ok. All of the trainings and group coaching calls are recorded and you will get access to all of them. They will be added to the portal within 24 hours. You can also submit question in advance for the group coaching calls so you that you can still get your question answered. 

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes! There are three payment plan options, a pay in full option, a three-month option and a six-month option! Just be sure that you are able to commit to the payment option you select. If you select the three or six month payment option, you understand that you will still be making payments once the accelerator is over.

Q: Will there be 1:1 coaching?

No. However, if you want to work with Detra 1:1 coaching sessions, you can schedule a consultation. Please note, Detra will also be active in the Facebook Group throughout the week to answer any questions you might have. 


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No refunds will be issued for online/digital ebooks, courses, products and programs purchased on TrueheartSpeaks.com under any circumstances. By making a purchase with TrueheartSpeaks.com, you are confirming that you have read and understood the refund policy on our digital products and programs.  I know that if you do the work, you will see results! http://www.trueheartspeaks.com/terms-and-conditions).

Life Purpose Generator, Detra Trueheart is the Founder and CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises, LLC. She is a Transformational Speaker,  Preacher, Author, Strategist & Creator of the #iSpeakLife Movement. Detra teaches women of faith and leaders to get out of their own way by shifting their beliefs and behaviors so they can live purposefully, grow spiritually, and lead authentically.

Learn more about Detra & TrueheartSpeaks at www.TrueheartSpeaks.com.

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