Day: Every Tuesday Weekly

Date: May 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm EST

​During this Master Class Series you will learn and discover how to:

  • PRESS past your fears as well as master your beliefs & behaviors.

  • Get UNSTUCK, so you can UNLOCK your unique gifts, & talents

  • STAY in your own lane, so you can SHARE your gifts and talents with others

  • HELP others push so they can pursue their purpose.

PN2P Includes:

  • 4 LIVE Training Modules, Plus Q&A with Life Purpose Generator Detra M. Trueheart via Zoom Video Conferencing.


  • Weekly Homework Assignments to Help You Implement the Training Immediately.


  • Unlimited Access to Detra and Your Workmates for 4 Weeks in Our Private Facebook Support Group Where You Can Ask Questions, Get Feedback and Celebrate Your Wins!


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Training Modules So That You Can Keep Learning From the Material as You continue to Push into Purpose and begin to Walk in the Fullness of Who YOU were Created to Be!

WHO is this Master Class Series for:


  • The motivated, inspired and even the somewhat unsure women of faith who knows that with a little clarity, a BIG PUSH, some new perspectives and powerful tools you can achieve different results in your personal and professional life!


  • The purpose-seeking woman who has been feeling this 'nudge' but not sure of what to do with it.  

  • The intuitive woman who knows that there is more to life that what you've been living and you're ready to explore what else is out there.


IF THIS IS YOU, then you will want to join Detra!

WHY you should join Detra for P.U.S.H into Purpose?

  • You’ve been thinking about getting started, getting moving, or going to the next level and you have even talked about it somewhat, BUT haven’t done A THING.

  • You’ve had the “if only” speech in your head, more times than you'd like to admit, but you still haven’t done anything. 


  • You have cheered others on while they pursue their purpose and passions, while you sat back in the shadows silently thinking to yourself, "when will my turn come?"


  • It's about time you've invested in yourself instead of watching on the sideline while everyone else passes you by?


  • You are ready to get over your ego, get over yourself, get over your excuses, and get over that inner critic telling you it’s not possible and that you don’t have what it takes.

  • Lastly, because it's time for you to PUSH and be PUSHED!

expires February 17th 

expires March 2nd

expires March 3rd

Early Early Bird Enrollment:


(full pay)

Early Bird Enrollment:


(full pay)

General Enrollment:


(full pay)

Early Bird Enrollment:


(two bi-weekly payments)

Early Bird Enrollment:


(four weekly payments)

Value: $497

There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of each call.


No worries, if you can't attend LIVE, all those who register will sent the recording/replay each week.

WHAT others are saying about

P.U.S.H. into Purpose?

This has been a great session. I fully believe that you have to push past the hurt and the pain because you will be no good to anyone.


- Linda

This is so incredibly helpful not just for today, but I can look back and see where God was moving and positioning me...when I wasn't paying attention. He is so amazing.


- Sharon

I loved the 4weeks. Love the fact that the classes were accessible. Im just putting myself in a position to receive what I need. Anddd you have Delivered!


- Jillian

It has made me really assess who I am. What I'm supposed to be doing. I'm loving the journey.


- Kenya

Are you ready to PUSH?

Life Purpose Generator, Detra Trueheart is the Founder and CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises. She is a Transformational Speaker,  Preacher, Author, Strategist & Creator of the #iSpeakLife Movement. Detra teaches women of faith and leaders to get out of their own way by shifting their beliefs and behaviors so they can live purposefully, grow spiritually, and lead authentically.

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